I stopped at a donut place today on my way to work. There was a man behind me busily chatting on the phone and I held the door for him. After getting my coffee I got back into my car and made my way to work. On the way there were some pockets of traffic and I noticed some people we waiting to get into the traffic so I slowed down to let them in. Holding the door and letting people into traffic are typical behavior for me, but before today I’ve never really contemplated the ripple effect these small random acts of kindness can bring about.

I cannot speak for everyone so I’m simply going to go with my own feelings about acts of kindness and that is, they make me feel good. I don’t expect anything in return and I really don’t mind if people are too busy to acknowledge them. All I know is that I get a good feeling from even the simplest acts of kindness.

As you may know, or will know, the major factor in being successful when using the Law of Attraction is that you must be a vibrational match for the things you desire and are asking for. And in order to know if you are a vibrational match, you allow your feelings or emotions to be your guide. When you feel good inside, you are achieving a vibrational match. When you’re not feeling good inside, you are further away from your vibrational match. So, what does all of this have to do with the ripple effect and random acts of kindness? Well, let me explain.

When you perform a random act of kindness and it makes you feel good, several things happen to create the ripple effect. First, because you have done something that makes you feel good, the Law of Attraction kicks in and brings you more situations that make you feel good. Whether it’s something as simple as someone holding the door for you or letting you out in traffic or whether it’s another opportunity for you to hold the door for someone else or let someone else out in traffic, the Law of Attraction brings more situations that make you feel good inside. So you now have situation after situation that make you feel good.

And as you are feeling good inside, you begin to bring yourself into alignment and you start to achieve a vibrational match for the things you desire and are asking for. Remember, to use the Law of Attraction deliberately instead of by default, you need to be a vibrational match for the things you want. And to be a vibrational match, you need to feel good about the things you desire. And as you feel good, the Law of Attraction brings you more things that make you feel good and it continues to build. And the next thing you know, your positive emotions are helping you to achieve a vibrational match and the things you are wanting are starting to come to you because you are offering a vibrational match which is allowing the things you desire to come into your reality.

Another ripple effect of random acts of kindness is what it does for the recipient. When you hold the door for someone they typically say; “Thank you.” This inspires not only a spark of gratitude in them, but having someone hold the door for them makes them feel good as well. And that feeling good on their part begins a whole cycle of good feelings for them too. And when they feel good, they are also inspired to perform random acts of kindness. And so the cycle continues.

Never underestimate the power of a simple act of kindness because if you sit down and really think about, you will be amazed just how far the ripples can go and the number of people they can reach and affect.